The Wheely Big Show! 6-10am

What can we say other than it was “destiny” that brought Wheels & Biggie together, and it was the best lap dance either one of them have ever had.  Getting up to head to work is ...Read more

Radio AF 3:00pm-7:00pm

Join our newest member of The Rock, Aaron Flannery, for radio AF. He’s weird, he’s witty, and he plays nothing but awesome rock. Join him from 3-7 for Mandatory Metallica, weird news, ...Read more

Loudwire Nights 7pm-12am

  ‘Loudwire Nights’ is a syndicated rock radio show hosted by Toni Gonzalez In addition to playing the best music in rock, the show features interviews with the top artists in the ...Read more

hardDrive 12am-5am

The year was 1996. The date was the 4th day of July. The tattered remnants of the hard music community of these once proud United States were clinging to shattered dreams and the nearly forgotten ...Read more

LA Lloyd Top Rock Countdown

LA Lloyd’s career in radio has taken him through many cities and radio stations. He has worked from the Carolinas to California and has been in Austin and San Antonio, TX since 1995. Lloyd is  ...Read more