Metal 4 Muttz- Humane Society Fund Raiser 11/15







This is a charity event with hours of continuous music from 2 stages. We are having an auction style raffles towards the end of night. Some of Wisconsin’s biggest acts will be here with some GREAT up and comers. Proceeds will be donated to the Fond du Lac County Humane Society.

Band line-up

1) Dopeheads on Mopeds
2) Auf Ki
3) Amellineal
4) Death the Kid
5) Our Last Vision
6) SEH
7) Face the Horde
8) Seven Cities Dead
9) Un-Broken
10) Namaste
11) Headstone
12) Squidhammer metal
13) Court Caust
14) Rictus Grin
15) All Kings Fall
16) Circle Of Willis
17) Time to Kill
18) All Out Mutiny
19) Midnight Gravediggers


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