9-14-19 fdl school board president-artificial turf

The Fond du Lac school board president says she wants to hear how the public feels about spending tax dollars to construct a new artificial turf football field and new indoor physical education building at Fond du Lac High School.  The school board discussed the matter at a workshop session this week, after athletic director David Micalkiewicz raised the idea at the prior board meeting.  Board president Linda Uselmann says installing artificial turf at Fruth Field doesn’t seem wise, given the field’s flooding history.  Uselman says its also concerning that taxpayers ended up paying nearly a half  million dollars for renovations at Fruth Field, including a new entryway,  when school officials promised it would be paid for with donations.  “We ended up absorbing that cost back into the budget.  A couple years ago we voted to kind of give up on that.  So it did end up costing the taxpayes some money,”  Uselmann told WFDL news.  “I would rather not see that happen again without the board making an upfront commitment to fund.  What we need to do before we would do that is be really honest about the costs are going to be.”