12-6-18 president bush-legacy

A retired Ripon College political science professor says he thinks the legacy of former president George Herbert Walker Bush will  only improve over time.  In the more than quarter century since he lost his re-election bid, many presidential historians have placed Bush in the middle of the pack when it comes to ranking our presidents.  But retired Ripon college political science professor Marty Farrell says there was no question about Bush’s qualifications for the office.   Farrell  says Bush was more qualified than the man he succeeded (Reagan) and every president who followed him.  “He had been a member of congress, he had been ambassador to the U.N., he had been director of the CIA, and he’d been vice president under Ronald
Reagan for eight years,”  Farrell told WFDL news.  “These are outstanding qualifications.  He knew how to handle the office.”   Farrell  says Bush’s diplomatic background helped when it came to handling the cold war, and Saddam Hussein.    But he says Bush also should be credited with addressing  problems  at  home.  “As president there were three major bi-partisan bills that were passed, the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990,  Budget Repair Act, and thirdly the Americans With Disabilities Act.”