5-4-16 elizabethkingia-fdl county public health officer

The Fond du lac County Public Health Officer admits she is surprised that investigators have still not been able to find the source of a bloodstream infection that has sickened dozens of people and been linked to a number of deaths in southeast Wisconsin.  Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says she is also concerned about the conflicting information that has been released.    Mueller says there has to be a common thread between the victims that investigators have not been able to link yet.  “We know its a bacteria, we know that it can be treated with a multitude of different antibiotics.  But other than that we don’t know where people are contracting it and that’s difficult.  Last week Assembly Democrats sent a letter to Governor Walker wanting to know why state health officials delayed telling people that the blood infection was spreading in Wisconsin.  DHS told hospitals to be on the lookout for infections in January but didn’t announce it to the public until March.  One of the confirmed cases is from Fond du lac County.