May 1

Jenna Goebel-Happy Belated 27th Birthday!

Natalie Shannon-7

Trevor Hernandez-13

Jesse Wuest – 47

May 2

Jeremy Hanson of Siding and Trim Specialists LLC

Michael Schaefer-18 Oakfield

Maggie Barr

May 3

Peggy Mietzel-58

Mike and Steph Ramthun-10th Anniversary

John Francis Diaz-1

May 4

George and Carol Bera-Happy Anniversary

Tanner Mathers-18

May 5

Julie Haase – 53

Amber and Scott Wiese – 6th Anniversary

May 6

Betty Smith-Would have been 82. Missed dearly

Taylor Ryan-16

Sophia Mathos-8

Heather Reader-Schubert-38

May 7

Happy Belated Birthday to:

Jane Hurst-83

Marcella Jaeger-97

Lois Kuechler


Wyatt Abraham-3

Steve Kornelli

Vidia Ellayah – 64

Russell Guelig-Eden

May 8

Morgan Flaherty-Happy Belated 15th Birthday

Bobby Kebble-12

May 9

Niki Whitty-30

May 10

Tucker Dalton-Happy Belated 6th Birthday

Sandra Halbur-From your cardio buddies at Agnesian

Amber Johnson-13

May 11

Mary Alice Guelig-Happy Belated Birthday

Tracy Lynette Shea-St. Cloud

Casey Schwartz-30

Brenda Spranger

May 12

Joe Blackburn-40

Carrie Pierquet-Dotyville

Michael Steinke-69

Josh Werner-26

May 13

Braelyn Lewis-11

Viviana Magolski-2

May 14

Ella Steffan-10

Chris Cook-55

Adam Rosenau-21

May 15

Scott and Kelly Huck-Happy 25th Anniversary

Skylar Lucas-22

Gerri Parker-89

May 16

Nolan Blackburn-12

John “Wrench’ Meier

Karen Neisius-63

Paul and Andrea Scannell-3 years and still ‘mokeying’ around

David Roseneau-28

Steve Holzman

Amanda Holzman

Jessica Serway

May 17

Heather and Tim Cratchy-Happy 15th Anniversary

Jerry and CeCe Jordan-Happy 38th Anniversary

Jodi Steffes

Mark Homan

May 18

Weston Goldapske – 7

Margie Jackl-70

Dan and Jill Mayer-22

Timothy Krause-Happy Belated 6th Birthday

Marvin Priest-Happy Belated 94th Birthday

Aaron Flannery-23

Ramone Granata-Love you-From whole family and Berta

May 19

Collin & Katie Marshall- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!

Franki & Eli Martinez- Congratulations on Your Wedding Day!

Jaynand Ootim-60

Mitch and Donna-Happy 40th Anniversary

May 20

Brian Holzmann

Brian & Nichole Holzmann- Happy Anniversary!

Andrea Nuss-39

Chris and Bridget Hebenstreich-Happy 2nd Anniversary!

May 21

Annabelle Kraus-4

Ashley Testolin-30

Marilyn Abraham-60!!!!!

Travis Terbeest

Braden Lawson

Mike Pierquet-40

May 22

Jim and Staci-Happy Belated 24th Anniversary

Todd Wondra-39

Connie Millard-52

Camren Butzen – 7

May 23

Blake Shannon-5

Judy Zwicky-59

May 24

Jeveen Ootim-27

May 25

Lilly Rusch – 5

Nick Dudarenke

May 27

Steve and Tristen Manowske – 2nd Anniversary

May 28
May 29

Holly Snyder-28

May 30

Dave Schrage of Schrage’s

May 31

Jeffery and Abby Vree-Happy ‘Sweet 16’ Years of marriage

Steven Knuth of TNT- 26




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